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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Trip to Memphis!

While I was at Memphis for the 2012 Women in Agriculture Educators National Conference, I got inspired to pursue my career further. I learned from great farmers, educators and many more people about great resources for farmers. Many of them asked me if I have my own farm and I told them "I will in a couple of years!" I felt young a little bit intimidated in an experienced crowd, but at the same time I was very excited and expressed my ideas, feelings and experiences.

After the first day of the conference, I was very excited and my mind was flowing with many great ideas. One of them is to have my own farm. My dream is to have a farm and have a restaurant in the farm. The reason for the restaurant is not only to sell and serve food, but also use it as a teaching tool. Teach people about growing food, agricultural practices and using those crops to cook! I want to educate others about food and how fun it is to grow food, know the parts of the plant that can be used for different recipes and make them into delicious foods!

What I find interesting that there might be someone or some organization out there in the world with the same ideas and thoughts as mine, but what makes it different is that it comes from me. I am very unique and have the heart for this. It might sound, redundant, selfish or that I am praising myself too much but it is the opposite. I know my capability, experiences, goals and drive to get things done. I know that in a couple of years, this will be happening!!


I will like to apologize for my lack of posting. As many of us get busy, you start to forget and postpone things. I will be posting once a week different topics and great ideas!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Organic Beauty/Cosmetic Products

It is very important that not only we know what type of foods we are eating but also what types of chemicals we are putting onto our skin! One way to avoid the nasty and dangerous chemicals (that we have no idea how to pronounce) is to buy organic products! Also making your own beauty and cosmetics will help your wallet and your skin. It is about knowing exactly every step and ingredient of anything that you put on your body. Take initiative to research more about every lotion, makeup, cleanser, soap, etc that you are using and little by little make changes to those. It is almost like a diet too! AGAIN, little by little make changes!!

USDA Organic Certified Body Care products

Organic Skin care on a budget

Also research about homemade recipes for lotions, soaps, makeup, etc. Have fun with it!
Good luck and I am here to help!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Grow your food

 Local Food Exhibit

This photograph explains very well one of the most important way to be green. Growing you own food!! However, I do not have green space in which I can grow food. Then what to do? Some towns and cities are now having great organizations that are providing neighborhoods with community gardens in which you can grow your own food. Others, in the city, are creating rooftop gardens! I encourage you to research more information about growing your own food in your area. If there is no organization and you are very passionate about it, then why not take the initiative and start it up!

There are also many ways you can (somewhat) grow your own food. Join a CSA, here you pay a farm for a piece of land and the food that is grown is yours to keep! It is an amazing way to get fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, flowers, etc. Also now that summer is around the corner, Farmer's Market's are another amazing way to get fresh produce, eggs, meat, flowers and much more! You get to meet the farmer and feel amazing! Farmer's Market's vary per location. Many of them have entertainment, free samples and amazing people around! Check out here for the Farmer's Market near you!!

I encourage you to start by visiting a Farmer's Market, get to know the different farms around your area, ask a farm of your interest if they have CSA or any program in which you can grow food!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Friday, March 18, 2011


 A big part of being green is reusing. Having your creativity go to the max and think of how and what a book, can, bottle or anything else can be reused? Well here are some great pictures and links of different ways you can reuse something.

Gift Bags from Newspaper

Click me to get more information of the pictures above

Bookshelve made of Books

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Love Shopping!

I am currently buying things for when I move to an apartment and I wanted to share with you what I have gotten so far. The reason why is because what I bought was from The Goodwill Store in Boston. As I mentioned on my post about Trashion, buying second hand items also helps out. Less waste being around plus the items you can find in store such as Goodwill are just amazingly beautiful and unique!  Also very affortable! Here are some pictures of what I got with the prices.

Flower Vase $2.99

Cups $0.85 each
Pitcher $2.99

Wine Glasses $0.85 each

BPA Free Reusable Cup $0.85
Bowls $0.85 each

I hope that you consider store such as Goodwill to get amazing things. I also found nice cardigan that I did not purchase but I am planning to do so soon. I tried it on and I did not like how it looked on me but I want to purchase it because the pattern and color of it is beautiful and my favorite, therefore I am thinking of making a pillow out of it! Ideas like the one I want to do is a great way to be green in your own creative way! That is the whole point of this website, for you to get your creative ideas running on your brain and making them real!